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Employment and Internship Opportunities For Students

Outreach and Special Projects (FALL 2016)

Eagleton seeks a volunteer intern to assist the manager of outreach and special projects. This position is responsible for helping to create a comprehensive online database of all candidates running for local, county, state, and federal office in NJ in November 2016. In addition, the position will assist in the creation of the 2017 Eagleton Institute of Politics Alumni Directory. Students will gain experience in data collection, data management, NJ election system, Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as professional writing and communication skills.  

Applicants must have strong communication and computer skills. 10-15 hours per week September-December. This is an unpaid volunteer position. Please submit a resume and cover letter to Randi Chmielewski, Manager, Outreach and Special Projects, Eagleton Institute of Politics at
Phone Interviewers for Survey Research (NOW HIRING)

$9hr/$10hr for Spanish Speakers.

Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling (ECPIP) was established in 1971 as the nation's first university-based statewide public opinion polls, ECPIP undertakes both academic and other survey research. It provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to learn how to conduct, analyze, design, and administer polls.

  • Primary role is to conduct surveys by phone, mail, and face-to-face, often using a computer assisted software package.
  • Flexible shift hours available during afternoons, evenings, and weekends.
  • Interviewers are expected to work a minimum 8 – 12 hrs per work week.
  • Will be trained in the basic techniques of phone interviewing and other interviewing methods as needed.
  • Located on Cook/Douglass.
  • Must be a current Rutgers undergraduate or graduate student.
  • Interviewers must conduct themselves in a professional manner and have a clear speaking voice.
  • International students:
    - 28 or above on TOEFL Speaking Section
    - Band score of 9 on Speaking Section of the IELTS
    - Will also be required to provide individual score for English Speaking

Email resume and TOEFL/IELTS information to:    

Kitchen/Server (ongoing)
Flexible Hours - No Experience Necessary
Contact - Mike Soga 848-932-8086
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There are several opportunities for students to get involved with the work of the Eagleton Institute of Politics, both directly and through its various centers and programs. Most internships are unpaid, but Rutgers students may be able to receive credit, depending on the position. Credit for students from other institutions is also possible, subject to the home school's rules.

Eagleton Institute of Politics

Program internships and other opportunities
Student interns can earn credit for their work with Eagleton's projects. Volunteers and workstudy students also assist Eagleton in its work.
For more information, contact Sarah Kozak at

Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP)

Information about internships at CAWP is available on the CAWP website.