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America’s Newest Voters:
Understanding Immigrant and Minority Voting Behavior

Links to Presidential Election Polls

Below are a list of links to various news outlets and opinion research centers. Observers of the 2004 presidential election can visit these sites to acquire the most recent opinion data on politics and the presidential race.

CBS News
The CBS News website consists of a number of polls that address the 2004 presidential elections. These polls assess public opinion on the Bush presidency as well as the field of Democratic candidates.

Gallop Organization
The website for the Gallup Organization makes available recent poll analysis of politics and the upcoming election. The most recent polls are available to the public. Fifteen days after the poll’s distribution, however, the analysis is accessible only to subscribers.

The Pew Research Center
The Pew Research Center provides a wide range of survey reports. Visitors to this website, however, can narrow their search to recent political survey reports. Recent reports address the likelihood of a second Bush presidency as well as the status of the Democratic contenders.

This website is an independent and nonpartisan resource that compiles public opinion polls as they are released by news organizations or survey research centers. Most national survey data is available to non-subscribers.

Polling Institute of Qunnipiac University
This website is maintained by the Polling Institute of Quinnipiac University. The independent poll surveys residents in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and nationwide about politics and elections.