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Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) to the Eagleton Institute of Politics Monitoring Study of the 2007 Fair and Clean Elections Pilot Project

The CAC is convened by the New Jersey Project of the Eagleton Institute of Politics as part of the Clean Election monitoring program funded by The Fund for New Jersey. Designed to provide perspectives, advice and informed evaluation of the second CE Pilot Project from individuals who are knowledgeable about the Clean Election Pilot Project and support its successful implementation, it also provides a vehicle for citizen engagement in the second Pilot Project.

While it does not have the official status of the New Jersey Citizens’ Clean Election Commission (NJCCEC ) which by statute was charged with evaluating the first pilot project and was not included in the second version, the CAC utilizes the informed perspectives of citizen advocates in a bi-partisan manner for Clean Elections.   They guide and inform the research and monitoring performed by Eagleton, as well as to provide informed comment and recommendations to the media, to legislators and the governor, and interested organizations and individuals.

The CAC assessment and recommendations are drafted by Eagleton working with the CAC, and distribution is facilitated by Eagleton.

Members of the Clean Elections Citizens Advisory Committee are:

Victor DeLuca
P resident, Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation; member of the NJ Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission

  JoAnn Gurenlian
President, Gurenlian & Associates health care consulting; Clean Election candidate in 2005 for General Assembly
  Jeffrey Laurenti (chair)
Senior Fellow, Century Foundation; former Senate Majority Executive Director
  Jim Leonard
Senior vice president, government relations, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
  The Honorable Carol Murphy
F ormer Assemblywoman; member of the NJ Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission
  The Honorable Bill Schluter
F ormer State Senator; chair of the NJ Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission
  Curtis Tao
Investment banker; member of the NJ Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission
  Alysia Welch-Chester
Trenton business woman; former staff of Center for Civic Responsibility