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Eagleton Institute of Politics Series on Implementing the Help America Vote Act (HAVA)

Can We Alleviate Risk and Improve Public Confidence When Using New DRE Voting Systems?

October 8 , 2004 Seminar

The speaker at this seminar was Eric Lazarus, the lead technical person for the report “Recommendations for Improving Reliability of Direct Recording Electronic Voting Systems” issued by the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU Law School and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. Lazarus is the founder of DecisionSmith, a consulting firm that assesses and constructs technology systems.

The seminar included two main parts:

1- Mr. Lazarus gave a power point presentation which analyzed the issues in using DRE’s and the options for addressing the issues.
Presentation available here.

2- In addition to the power point program, Mr. Lazarus discussed the Election Practices Report Card 2004.
Report Card available here.

The Report Card is designed to gather information on the implementation of best practices for minimizing problems in elections.

The consensus at the meeting was that the key items in the Report Card can serve as an agenda for 2006. However, it also was suggested that the Report Card can be used for capturing information about items for which preparations were made the 2004 election.

It was agreed that Eagleton would convene a seminar in December to revisit the recommendations of the Brennan Report and consider how the Report Card could be used to prepare for implementing best practices in subsequent elections. Information about the seminar will be posted on the Eagleton web site events section.