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Public Opinion

American Association for Public Opinion Research
Founded in 1947 to disseminate public opinion research through journal Public Opinion Quarterly and to promote professional standards of conduct, also publishes online version of Blue Book member directory.
The Council of American Survey Research Organizations
Trade organization for commercial firms engaged in survey research, publishes code of professional standards
Council for Marketing and Opinion Research
Trade association advancing interests of the marketing and opinion research industry, members consist of research companies, their clients (the end-users of the data compiled by the researchers), others sharing same concerns
National Council on Public Polls
Established 1969, adopts ethical standards for pollsters and works to increase public knowledge about polls, publishes a useful booklet entitled "Twenty Questions a Journalist Should Ask About Poll Results,"
National Network of State Polls
A confederation of organizations conducting state-level public opinion surveys, promotes the collection and use of state survey data, maintains archive available only to members
The World Association for Public Opinion Research
Sponsors conferences and seminars, publishes International Journal of Public Opinion Research, code of conduct
World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals
Founded 1948 as European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research, now composed of over 4000 members in 100 countries, including both users and providers of research in advertising and media agencies, universities, public institutions and government
Howard Odum Institute for Research in Social Science-University of North Carolina
Database includes Louis Harris & Associates Polls, Carolina Polls, southern polls and historical state data, some of which available to the public
National Election Studies-University of Michigan
Conducts national surveys of US electorate in presidential and midterm election years, carries out research and development work through pilot studies in odd-numbered years. The NES time-series now encompasses 23 biennial election studies spanning five decades
Pew Research Center for The People & The Press
Independent opinion research group sponsored by The Pew Charitable Trusts, maintains data archive of selected public opinion surveys (requires registration), also studies public attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues
Polling Report
Commercial publishing firm provides summaries of polls on trends in public opinion regarding politics, business, society, with state poll data available only to subscribers
Public Agenda
"The Inside Source for Public Opinion and Policy Analysis," nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1975 by social scientist Daniel Yankelovich and former Secretary of State, the late Cyrus Vance, to help leaders better understand public opinion and citizens improve knowledge of issues
The Pulse-Economic Policy Institute
Useful site maintained by nonprofit Economic Policy Institute with summaries and discussion of recent opinion surveys on topics such as  elections, economy, health, environment, taxes, social welfare, etc., along with extensive links
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research-University of Connecticut
Maintains world's largest library of public opinion data, but much of it available only to Roper Center affiliates
Washington Post Data Directory
Provides links to public opinion data published on the Internet by nonpartisan organizations.
Gallup Poll
Summaries of recent Gallup Polls, but access to  most surveys requires premium subscription
Harris Poll
Begun in 1963, conducts weekly surveys measuring public opinion on a wide variety of subjects including politics and the economy, Web site publishes index of current and archived surveys
Los Angeles Times Poll
Focus on national issues and California politics, maintains online archive of past LA Times polls to 1992
New York Times/CBS Poll
Available on New York Times Website, but requires free registration
Newsweek Poll
Summaries of current poll available online upon publication
USA Today/CNN/Gallup Polls

Summaries of current poll available online upon publication

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll

Available only through subscription to online  Wall Street Journal or summary upon release at
Washington Post-ABC News Poll
Current and archived polls available online with search engine, also publishes Washington Post Data Directory of links to data of nonpartisan organizations
Zogby International
Summaries of recent Zogby opinion surveys, including continuing series on presidential job performance and presidential greatness