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Media and News

Washington Post Politics
All-politics site of Washington Post in partnership with Congressional Quarterly, MSNBC, Newsweek and
CNN/Time AllPolitics
Jointly published by CNN and Time magazine, latest news on politics
National Journal
Online version of respected print publication following federal, state local political and governmental news, issues, trends, parent company publishes print publications Almanac of American Politics, National Journal weekly, CongressDaily, The Hotline, Greenwire, American Health Line and Technology Daily
Drudge Report
Controversial site of political rumormonger Matt Drudge featuring political news and gossip, extensive links to other media sources, online columnists
Fast Politics
Extensive federal and state political coverage and links to newspapers, organizations, other resources
Governing Magazine
Governing magazine home page, another Congressional Quarterly publication, with primary circulation to state and local government officials
Roll Call Newspaper
Founded 1955 as print newspaper, a leading media source for Congressional news and information.
Hill News
Competitor of Roll Call, publishes print newspaper and online version, extensive links to Congressional news, federal and state issues and campaign resources  
Focus on DC-based insider news and gossip  
Web site of Lucianne Goldberg, controversial Linda Tripp confidante and book agent, publishes extensive links to political news and opinion
Produced by Capitol Hill staffers, focus on networking on jobs, social interaction of Congressional and executive agency staffers
Political Insider
Political news and comment, produced by Taegan D. Goddard and Christopher Riback, authors of book, You Won - Now What? How Americans Can Make Democracy Work from City Hall to the White House.
Political News Daily
Brief summaries with links to original sources of political news
Political USA
Online political news, chat, columnists
Diverse range of political news, campaign finance data, state news
Extensive political coverage, one of largest compilations of political links, profiles of political parties
Focus on state issues and news, operated by Pew Center on the States, a research organization administered by the University of Richmond, and funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts, includes state-by-state news summaries and other info
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at University of Connecticut provides world's largest library of public opinion data.
National Network of State Polls
National Network of State Polls, a confederation of organizations conducting state-level public opinion surveys, promotes the collection and use of state survey data, maintains archive available only to members  
Election and political news
Center for the American Woman and Politics, Rutgers University
Center for the American Woman and Politics at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University tracks women's participation in politics, reports on percentage of women holding federal, state and local office, election results involving women
Public Agenda
"The Inside Source for Public Opinion and Policy Analysis," nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1975 by social scientist Daniel Yankelovich and former Secretary of State, the late Cyrus Vance, to help leaders better understand public opinion and citizens improve knowledge of issues
Nonpartisan summary of trends in political opinion and polling, features national poll highlights, additional data available to subscribers -- including state-by-state presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial polls -- plus analyses by leading pollsters
Pew Research Center for The People & The Press
The Pew Research Center for The People & The Press, independent opinion research group sponsored by The Pew Charitable Trusts, that studies public attitudes toward the press, politics and public policy issues, serves as forum for ideas on the media and public policy through its research.
Vanishing Voter Project
Vanishing Voter Project at Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy of John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, studies ways to broaden citizens' involvement in presidential selection process
White House News Briefings
Transcripts of news briefings by President's press office
Web White & Blue
Web White & Blue: coalition of Web sites bringing together Internet political information resources sponsored by non-partisan consortium of 17 of largest Internet sites and news organizations to expand citizen participation and supported by grant from The Markle Foundation
Campaigns & Elections Magazine
Online version of Campaigns & Elections monthly magazine published by Congressional Quarterly, news on campaign and media strategies, directory of political consultants and 'The Political Oddsmaker' handicapping elections around U.S.