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Elections, Campaign Finance and Reform

Federal Election Commission
Federal Election Commission with online searchable databases on political contributions for federal elections.
Commercial site sponsored by software firm Votenet Solutions with focus on Federal Election Commission data, additional features to official FEC site.
National Institute on Money in State Politics
Follow the Money, a free political contribution research service offered to public and professionals by National Institute on Money in State Politics, non-partisan non-profit based in Helena, Montana.
Center for Responsive Politics
Center for Responsive Politics, Washington, DC based research group, tracks money in politics, includes information on lobbying issues and politician profiles, also posts sub-site, promoting its newsletter ranking best, worst practices in disclosing contobutions by PACs and candidates.
Political Money Line
Political contributions and other campaign information in searchable databases from commercial site recently acquired by TRKC, Inc..
Follow the money-PBS public broadcasting network
Companion Web site to PBS public broadcasting network Democracy Project, focus on campaign finance reform, with data compiled by The National Institute on Money in State Politics.
Campaign Finance Information Center Campaign Finance Information Center at Missouri School of Journalism provides state-by-state finance data, online database of 17,000 investigative stories, supported by Joyce Foundation.
National Association of State Election Directors
Site of National Association of State Election Directors, including directory with links to each state election website
National Association of Secretaries of State
National Association of Secretaries of State with State-by-State Election Reform Best Practices Report and links to state election information
SecurePoll provides a forum for the collection and distribution of election-related information since 1999 with a mailing list currently including several hundred members from over forty countries and election reform reports from various commissions and states
Federal Election Reform Network
Federal Election Reform Network is the home of the National Commission on Federal Election Reform, organized by the Miller Center of Public Affairs and The Century Foundation to recommend ways to improve the accuracy and fairness of federal elections
CalTech-MIT Voting Technology Project
Collaborative project between Caltech and MIT with the aim of developing an easy-to-use, reliable, affordable and secure United States voting machine that will prevent a recurrence of the problems encountered in the 2000 presidential election, site includes news on voting technology developments and July 2001 report, Voting: What Is, What Could Be