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Center for Digital Government
Business division of e.Republic, Inc., the parent company of Government Technology Magazine and Government Technology Conferences. National research and advisory institute providing government and industry leaders with decision support, research and education services to help incorporate new technologies. Co-sponsor with  Government Technology Magazine of Digital State, Digital Cities and Best of the Web competitions
Government Technology Magazine
Print magazine and Web site tracking developments in technology applications by federal, state and local governments. Co-sponsor with Center for Digital Government of Digital State, Digital Cities and Best of the Web competitions
Federal Computer Week
Federal Computer Week and its affiliated publications, including Government E-Business, reach 148,000 subscribers in federal, state and local governments as well as information technology companies doing business with the public sector. Site includes news of federal, state, local government e-gov developments
Center for Democracy and Technology
Nonprofit supported by leading technology and information  firms including Microsoft, America Online promotes free expression, public access and privacy in global communications technologies
Democracy Online Project
Funded by a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts, established at the Graduate School of Political Management of The George Washington University to promote the development of US online politics in a manner which upholds democratic values, with principal goals establishment of a research base for the study of online politics; design, testing, refinement, and promotion of an appreciation statement regarding appropriate standards of practice for the conduct of online campaigning; and the creation and public promotion of an online public space for good campaign practices and democratic values.
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Nonprofit advocating freedom of online speech and civil liberties, opposes legislation regulating electronic publication
Center for Digital Democracy
Nonprofit organization supporting diversity and openness of new broadband communications systems, Web site includes "Market Watch," which looks at recent industry developments in the broadband arena, and "Washington Watch," which covers the regulatory agencies, Congress, and the White House 
IBM Institute for Electronic Government
Founded in 1995 by IBM as a resource for public sector leaders worldwide in electronic government, focuses on issues including public policy as it relates to technology strategy and execution, economic development and education, online citizen and business services, and e-democracy
Center for Technology in Government
Center for Technology in Government at State University of New York-Albany conducts studies to apply computing and communications technologies to the practical problems of information management and service delivery in the public sector
Harvard Policy Group on Network-Enabled Services and Government
Based at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Published series of nine papers on information technology and the public sector