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Online Citizen Activism
"The place where you can make a difference" features online messaging encouraging users to draft e-mail messages forwarded by site to relevant decision-makers, also news on national government and politics and more
Principals include Dick Morris, President Clinton's former political adviser; also promotes online activism by votes on issues with responses transmitted to relevant officials
Provided by League of Women Voters Education Fund and, presents non-partisan information about elections
E the People
Users share opinions on subjects of their choosing , file their own petitions on site, then seek to gain enough online signatures to influence decision-making of voters and officials, recently affiliated with, sponsored by The Democracy Project, a group founded with the goal of improving civic participation through the Internet t
Government Guide
America Online provides a useful package of resources and links to identify elected representatives and media sources by zip code; model letters for communicating on issues; and other tools for citizen activists.
Bills itself as "public forum for a new democracy conversation", promotes diverse policy discussions, both at own site and among a network of sites around the Internet, recently affiliated with E the People
Rock the Vote
Founded by members of the recording industry advocating citizen input on issues, includes information on issues, accessibility for contacting members of Congress, and message boards.
Independent, irreverent site with useful information on how to get a job in Congress, online e-mail links to Congressional offices
Working for Change
Online progressive activism network, publishes links, suggestions for those seeking to influence policy, Web site won 2001 Webby Award
Empowers organizations and their constituents to organize and lobby through Internet-based communications and mobilization products, also provides software products for campaign finance reporting. Now headed by former White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry.
Votenet Solutions
Another commercial citizen activism firm, provides news, information, markets product applications for corporate intranets, Web-based membership management, email message casting, grassroots lobbying, and campaign finance research.
Common Cause
Common Cause citizen lobby group, legislative watchdog and campaign-finance reform advocate
Initiative & Referendum Institute
Nonprofit organization advocating adoption of initiative and referendum for citizen law-making through petition, publishes news, results of initiatives, referenda around US, also operates affiliated site tracking ballot questions proposed in each state
Mr. Smith E-Mails Washington
Online e-mail tool maintained by search engine to send e-mail letters to public officials and editors of selected national publications
Politics Online
Fundraising and Internet tools for politics, extensive political and e-gov news,  links, also offers free e-mail updates, publishes lists of e-poiltics innovations and innovators
Consulting firm specializing in e-advocacy campaigns, won 2001 Pollie Award for Web
A leading commercial source of online fundraising softwareffor campaign donations, PAC fundraising, charitable contributions,  online dues payment, and events payments for political organizations, charities and nonprofits, provides means for fundraising, payment processing, data collection and reporting
Democracies Online
Democracies Online promotes civic participation and democracy efforts around the world through information exchange, experience sharing, outreach, and education
Political and campaign news and links, as well as free 30-day trial of Web site builder to create your own campaign site
Project Vote Smart
A non-partisan national library of factual information on 13,000 candidates for public office from President of US down to state legislature
Freedom Channel
Nonpartisan, nonprofit site, with sponsors including Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Markle Foundation, provides video views of candidates and issue groups