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E-Gov: Best Practices


State of Washington Find-It Consumer
Collaborative "one stop consumer help" effort of Washington state provides a single Web stop for searching over 100 consumer protection and public safety web sites, finding solutions to consumer complaints, information on consumer safety and ways to protect against consumer fraud. The Consumer Protection Division of the Washington Attorney General also publishes excellent information and advice on the top consumer problem areas, such as choosing long-distance phone services or how to reduce receipt of unwanted mail or unordered merchandise.

Virginia Consumer Assistance - Office of Consumer Affairs, Division of Consumer Protection
The Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services serves as the central clearinghouse for the collection, evaluation, investigation or referral of consumer complaints. Its Web site provides online complaint forms and a directory of over 40 state and local Virginia government groups responsible for different types of complaints. 
Citizens can search the portal either by keyword, by reviewing a complete list of topics or by reviewing categories of complaints. The system also shows links to the proper Web site, consumer information, complaint form or e-mail contact when available, plus a link to the applicable section of the Virginia Code . Consumer news and information on avoiding common problems is also available.

Minnesota Attorney General
The Minnesota Attorney General Consumer Protection Division publishes an excellent Web, including a Consumer Alert providing news of recent scams and other ripoffs, Recall Roundup,  a summary of current product recalls and an excellent searchable database of charities from all states required to register with the Attorney General with their financial reports on revenues and expenses  . The site also links to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, which publishes a variety consumer information.

Wisconsin Consumer Information
One-stop portal providing news of product recalls and safety alerts, consumer fact sheets on diverse topics, along with a search engine and links to relevant federal, state and local agencies.

Alaska Webmart
Alaska's Webmart also groups in a single portal most online transactional services, allowing users to register a car, check status of  child support payments, look for vacancies in cabin rentals in State parks, check land maps and records to see ownership and other common uses or get personalized license plates.