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E-Gov: Best Practices


State budget and tax information and services have become one of the most popular services of state Webs.

Budget information, traditionally published in print format, is now more accessible and useful in electronic formats allowing a variety of presentation formats with charts and search engines. Some states also have published condensed versions designed to highlight major issues or trends.

Most states also now provide for electronic filing of state income taxes, and a few have expanded their services for common business taxes like withholding and sales taxes. Sources for information about state government finances include the National Association of State Budget Officers; the Federation of Tax Administrators; and National Association of State Auditors, Comptrollers and Treasurers.

Florida's e-budget
One of the best Web budget presentations, allowing users to search in simple terms for what they are looking for and providing file downloads in both pdf and MS Excel formats. It also offers an e-mail link for citizen comments on the budget.

Pennsylvania's E-TIDES
Internet tax filing system goes further than most states in online business tax services, currently allowing for the electronic filing of returns and/or payments for employer withholding tax; sales, use, & hotel occupancy tax; and unemployment compensation.

California Franchise Tax Board
Introduced in 2002 several e-government applications, including online review of tax accounts using a customer service number and a personal identification number; "e-notification" service that enables taxpayers to get electronic reminders to file their returns; online service to debit bank accounts for payments; and online applications to request an installment plan if taxpayers unable to make full payment when due. 

Delaware Virtual Tax Service Center 
Central portal bringing together tax services and information from across state agencies. Delaware also allows online payment of estimated state income taxes through direct debit of checking or savings accounts.

New Jersey  Posting of Largest Tax Delinquencies
New Jersey posts online a list of its largest tax delinquencies with names and amounts owed by business and individual taxpayers.