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Eagleton Faculty/Staff Bios

Senior Communications Officer, Eagleton Institute of Politics and Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP)
A.B. Radcliffe/Harvard, and Ed.M., Harvard University

Katherine E. Kleeman is senior communications officer, responsible for many aspects of communications at the Eagleton Institute of Politics and its Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP). Kleeman has been at Eagleton since 1980, dividing her time between various Institute and CAWP programs.  She works on many of CAWP's education and information services programs, responding to inquiries and speaking to groups about women's political participation. She writes and/or edits Eagleton and CAWP newsletters, publications, proposals, reports, and web content. Kleeman has directed CAWP's collaboration with the local and national Girl Scout organizations on Pathways to Politics and other programs to teach girls about advocacy and women's political participation, and she coordinated CAWP's work on the Good Housekeeping Award for Women in Government, which was discontinued in 2005.

Kleeman co-authored Political Generation Next: America’s Young Elected Leaders with Institute director Ruth B. Mandel, discussing findings from the Institute’s Young Elected Leaders Program. She also co-authored two CAWP publications – Legislating By and For Women, describing CAWP's research about the impact of women in the 103rd and 104th Congresses, and Term Limits and the Representation of Women, highlighting findings from a CAWP conference of legislators, activists, and practitioners as well as related research about the effect of term limits on women's representation in state legislatures. Among her earlier publications are: Voices, Views, Votes: The Impact of Women in the 103rd Congress (co-written with a CAWP research team); and Women Make a Difference (co-authored with Kathy Stanwick) and Women's PACs, both part of CAWP's series of reports on "Bringing More Women into Public Office." She also prepared a discussion guide for the documentary film Not One of the Boys, produced by CAWP and aired in 1984 on the PBS series Frontline.