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Eagleton Report

Eagleton Report

Eagleton's 60th anniversary call to action — "Make It Better" — inspired a year of spirited debate among students, faculty, and friends of the Institute. Eagleton students explored the American political system — with its triumphs and failures — and imagined it better.

While our 60th celebrations have come to a close, the call to action continues. As the place for politics at Rutgers, we urge all of our students, alumni and friends to continue the quest to "Make It Better." Join us as we continue to foster greater understanding of how our political system operates and evolves, and help to "Make It Better."

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Eagleton in pictures...

Political strategist Eva Pusateri Campbell led a September workshop on "Political Campaign Careers for Women: An Operative's Guide to the Industry" as part of CAWP's Ready to Run® program.
Poll director and professor David Redlawsk, in Iowa tracking the presidential race, talked with students in Institute director Ruth B. Mandel's Byrne Seminar, "You and the 2016 Elections."
Author Dale Russakoff (l) discussed her book about the Newark schools, The Prize, with New York Times reporter Kate Zernike. You can watch the video of their conversation.
Former Senator George Mitchell met with Eagleton Fellows and Undergraduate Associates during his visit as the Clifford P. Case Professor of Public Affairs. Video of Mitchells public lecture is available here.
Undergraduate Associate Antonia Gingerelli represented Eagleton's Youth Political Participation Program at the annual conference hosted by Harvard University's Institute of Politics.
Eagleton faculty and staff gathered to kick off celebrations of the Institute's 60th anniversary year.
Joann Padron Carney of the American Association for the Advancement of Science presented "Working with Congress: A Guide for Scientists" as part of the Eagleton Science and Politics Workshop.
Students conduct a survey for the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll from the call center in Eagleton's Carriage House.
RU Voting student Damilola Onifade answered voter registration questions at the Rutgers University Student Involvement Fair.


News and Announcements

Election Day - 11/8/16

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2016 NJ General Election Candidates

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Eagleton Class of 2017 Undergraduate Associates

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Get to know Eagleton people. Watch spotlight videos of:

 Gerry Pomper, EIP faculty
 Sayu Bhojwani, EPID
 Susan Carroll, EIP/CAWP faculty
 Gilda Morales, CAWP
 Kris Shields, CAG
 Betty Holland, EIP Alumna
Wilfredo Rodriguez, EIP Alumnus

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Latest Rutgers-Eagleton Polls
New Jerseyans Have Mixed Views On NJ Cities; Almost Half Believe School Funding Laws Have Had Little Impact in Local or Urban Districts
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Ratings for Christie and Direction of State Fall to New Lows; New Jersey Voters Don'T Want to "Gamble" on Casino Expansion
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Almost All New Jerseyans Believe Arts Education is Important, But Fewer Help to Promote It in Schools or Communities
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... all polls and more info available at ECPIP website